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Money Saving Tips while Travelling

Updated: Apr 14, 2021

Looking for money saving tips when traveling? There is a wealth of information to share regarding how to save money while at airports, rail stations, subway stations and other places as you travel!

Get Local Currency Get local currency from the airport upon arrival. Travel with enough US dollars to pay for things such as tipping, taxis, etc. Changing from US currency to the another currency and then changing it back COSTS MORE than the fees that Visa/MC charges for the transaction. Using credit cards is common, but it is definitely recommended to grab some local currency for those cases where US dollars or credit cards are not allowed. You don't want to be stuck having to pay for something and then not have the proper currency. Best advice is to grab a bit of each and travel with small amounts of currency during each leg of your trip.

Stay Alert Don’t get mugged, pick-pocketed, or robbed! Habits Americans have with handling money stateside could deplete your funds abroad. Avoid “flashing” currency. Pull currency from your purse/wallet only when paying a cashier. Never count your money on a street corner or out in the open. Don't treat it like play's very real and it can go fast. Counting money that the cashier has given you in front of the cashier is considered rude in many foreign countries. Avoid pickpockets by wearing your money either in a fanny pack or in a secret pocket rather than in an external pocket, backpack, or wallet. The big cities have pickpockets who make a living off tourists.

Wireless Calling Check your wireless communication provider’s international rates. Some companies offer international rates pro-rated for your travel time and/or destination. Some companies are willing to negotiate travel and/or roaming fees. Purchasing a prepaid plan while in the destination country may be worth your while for extended stays. Another important tip would be to check with your phone company before traveling to negotiate a rate for international service, if planning to take and use your cellphone. It may be cheaper to pay for local service in a foreign country depending on length of stay or just grab a prepaid phone.

Be Frugal We’ve all heard “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” This adage is applicable for travel frugality. Review your travel plans very carefully. Are you planning to take a lot of pictures? Do you like to read while waiting? Are you a germ freak? If so, you may want to pack hand sanitizer (in wipe forms, as not to alarm security). Take a travel sized Bible, First aid kit, sunscreen, camera, extra batteries, memory cards, SD cards, film and reading material. Not only can these items be costly, but sometimes difficult to locate. Thinking ahead can save you hundreds of dollars!

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