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Student Travel Tips

Updated: Jun 25, 2021

Trawick International® has put together some great tips for Students traveling abroad. There is a wide array of cultures, acceptable behaviors, geography, and so much more that students should learn before traveling anywhere, especially internationally.

Whether traveling to the USA from another country or traveling outside of your home country internationally, we hope these tips will aid you on your journey! We are always interested to hear your experiences while traveling abroad as a student.

Learn the Culture of Your Destination Learn about the culture where you are traveling to avoid “shock” and to learn about the areas that might be "seedy" or dark areas to stay away from. It is best to learn the body language, iconography, phrases, and gestures in the culture you are visiting because they may be considered insulting or degrading in other cultures. Drinking While Abroad Moderate your alcohol consumption while traveling. In most European countries the legal drinking age is 18 but in some it is 16. Just because you are legal to drink in these countries, it is important to remember to stay safe in foreign cities and locales. Do not become intoxicated while abroad because that is when bad things can happen. If you do happen to have a bit too much to drink, be escorted back to your hotel by someone you trust. What to Pack Pack only the essentials. Pack conservatively and mix and match your clothing. You simply will not need the wardrobe you are accustomed to in America. In most countries people are not as focused on wearing a different outfit every day. Packing just the basics is really all you will need. Make sure to bring a pocket guide such as Hostel World's Pocket Guides. Watch the Weather Research the weather for each region you plan to travel. Some areas are quite chilly even during summer months and seasons differ from one side of the globe to the other. Know what season to pack for and be ready when you arrive. Download a popular weather app that can keep you updated on current and expected weather while you are abroad.

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