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Airport Passage

Medical & Travel Assistant Services

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Travel Assistance Services


Our network of providers are here to support travelers with their travel needs, whether they are looking for pre-trip information, such as vaccination or visa requirements, or they experience issues, such as lost or stolen travel documents.

  • Emergency Cash/Bail Assistance

  • Legal Referrals

  • Lost Document & Luggage Assistance

  • Pre-trip and Cultural Information

  • Travel Intelligence

Travel Risk Management Solutions


Our providers have extensive experience dealing with complex, dangerous, and remote transport and response. Their teams of international, multilingual specialists are accustomed to working in multiple time zones and with multiple languages and currencies. Their global reach means they can work without barriers with a duty of care approach.

  • Global Risk and Threat Analysis

  • Real-Time Traveller Tracking and Communication

  • Security and Medical Incident Response

  • Enterprise Support and Remote Site Planning

  • Pandemic Planning and Response

  • Customizable Mobile App

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Helicopter Rescue

Medical Transport Services


In a medical emergency, our network of providers ensure emergency medical transport services that have a proven track record of helping travelers get the care they need. They also help contain program costs and coordinates communications across borders and constituents every step of the way home.

  • Dispatch of Physician

  • Emergency Medical Evacuation and Repatriation

  • Return of Dependent Children, Travel Companion, and/or Remains

Medical Assistance Services


Our providers offer an array of medical assistance services to support our travelers in need of medical attention. These services range from informational research such as referrals to more robust medical monitoring provided by our clinical team.

  • Medical Monitoring

  • Medical Advice

  • Cost Management & Medical Payments

  • Medical & Dental Referrals

  • Mental Health Assistance

  • Teleconsultation

  • Pandemic Assistance

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